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A dangerous new era for mankind

From the time he took the job with Allen Brooke Inc., Luke’s life had gone from one incredible challenge to the next. In the blink of an eye they transitioned him from writing training manuals for a new game, to putting his very life on the line for the company. He was quickly realizing that the product was no game at all, and that it had far more uses and dangers for society than he could have ever imagined. And he was clearly not alone in that understanding.

Secret societies and government intelligence agencies were now looking intently into it and into anyone who was involved with it. His professional and personal life was suddenly thrust into a deadly battle between two political and religious ideologies that he didn't understand but he needed to grasp if he had any chance to stop the religious genocide that one of them had planned.

He would need to use every resource his body could call upon, including the most important one that he had yet to learn how to use… The Eyes of his Heart.


Five Star "This was a great read! The author has combined two elements that we do not usually see come together, technology and spirituality, and he was able to do so seamlessly. I enjoyed this book from start to finish but I particularly enjoyed the spiritual depth and insight in the last 9 chapters. I have been given a whole different outlook on the spiritual battle that we face everyday. The vivid imagery of the spiritual battle that the author expertly describes leaves you inspired, convicted, and even startled. I cant wait for the next book in the series! I wholeheartedly recommend this book to all."

FIVE STAR "Richard Hackett's spiritual thriller is equivalent to a Frank Peretti novel. What starts out as a very interesting take on technology takes a turn that is unexpected as the main characters focus turn from technology to the social push and pull of society, and finally to a spiritual realm where every decision has eternal consequences. Loved this book and I think that you will too!"

FIVE STAR "I haven't written a review for a book before today, but I just felt compelled to do so with this one. This is the best mind-bending, heart-pounding, terrifying, sci-fi, and spiritually romantic journey I've ever been on...Almost immediately, I became intrigued with the main character because I found his internal conversations humorously entertaining, honest and at times, curious. Within the first couple chapters, I became both enchanted and convicted by the different forces of nature at work within this story. Before I knew it, I was completely captivated by the intertwining of the innovative, technological and spiritual worlds and how much they rival, yet, depend on one another. I had sleepless nights, engulfed in my thoughts at the possibilities of these worlds colliding in the near future; one innovative idea plus one seriously misguided individual equals a recipe for a beautiful battle of 'The Eyes of the Heart'. (The Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and even Saddam Hussein's of the world would be clawing for this thrill ride!). I highly recommend this to anyone."

FIVE STAR "This book is amazing, I would highly recommend this as a must read to anyone, and everyone I know! I have never read a book from front to cover that was so compelling. It was full of suspense from beginning to end, it had me on the edge of my seat not knowing what was next. It is definitely the most spirituallly inspiring story that would help anyone who is confused or curious about really wanting to understand God. It has helped me really take a good look at my own life and ask myself some very gut wrenching questions on what I truly believe is the truth. What would people see in me if my true self was exposed to the world? To find out what I mean read the book!"

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