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North Carolina - 1775

Growing up on a tobacco plantation should be a simple life, predictable as the changing seasons, but when unlikely friends become entangled in the politics and shifting loyalties of nations, life is anything but simple. What starts as a plan to protect the families living on one small plantation, captures the attention of world powers vying for control of the American Colonies and the Islands of the Caribbean.

With few options available, untried heroes find themselves caught in a deadly struggle to protect their ideals, their freedoms and their lives. At every turn their friendship and loyalty to each other and to those brave men they come to lead, is tested. Can the innocent companionship of childhood stand in the face of hatred, prejudice, and war between world powers? Will the ideals that they embody become a testimony to a new world vision for an emerging nation?


FIVE STAR "This book is awesome!. One of several aspects I love about this book is how the Author keeps you wanting more. Every time I read a chapter I feel I cannot put the book down unless I read what is going to happen next. Something else I really like about the story is how I keep thinking to myself..."Wow, this could have really happened". I believe the author has a great perspective of American history. African Americans' have contributed, and sacrificed a lot to the development of this Great Nation. This story is just one of many stories of how African Americans' fought not only for their freedom, but for the freedom of every American. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in a great story in American history and how lifelong friendships form through harsh conditions."

FIVE STAR "Black Dragons was an enjoyable read if you like an adventure story to take you away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. It pulled at me every spare moment to take a break and follow where the story line led. It was nice to see main characters quickly step up to challenges using knowledge and principles taught by their parents. It was also nice to see the possibilities of a world with leaders who lead with integrity and treat enemies appropriately with necessary force to accomplish goals while avoiding the tendency to seek revenge. Descriptions of the time and places in history were also both enjoyable and instructive. A great story of adventure, growing up in the 1700's, friendship, love, and camaraderie."

FIVE STAR "I have been an avid reader of this genre. This book compares well with Alexander Kent, Alaric Bond, Dewey Lambdin and Julian Stockwin. The concept was refreshing and delightful. I couldn't wait to get back to the book and an looking forward to a sequel."

FIVE STAR "The Black Dragons is a unique and thoroughly enjoyable read. Set during the time of the revolutionary war, the central characters travel to a Caribbean island and find themselves in the crossfire of countries at war. Charting a path through shifting alliances, the story reveals what can be accomplished by people with conviction and a strong moral foundation. With the same courage and bravery displayed by his characters, the author addresses just about every controversial and volatile issue of the time: slavery, religion, economics and politics. For a first time author, I found the plot and pacing to be a significant achievement. The story showcases the author's thorough knowledge of the people and the period including battle scenes, weaponry, transport and military strategy, all rendered in impressive detail. Oh, and there's a great friendship and young love too - what more could you ask for?"

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