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Stones of Trouble - Chapter 1 Sample

Copyright © 2012 Richard A Hackett Jr.

There once was a handsome little boy named Trey. Trey lived with his older sister and his two parents and they all loved him very much. Most of Trey’s days were spent playing and laughing with his family, but for some reason today was different.

The day before, Trey had turned 8 years old and had a wonderful celebration with his friends and family. But today, Trey decided he no longer needed to obey his parents. More specifically, that he was too old to have to clean his room. To his surprise, his Dad and Mom did not agree! They had several long talks about his decision and asked Trey to think carefully about how important his family was and why it was important to obey his parents. In spite of their patience in explaining the reasons to him, he refused to obey. He was not sure exactly where things went wrong, but he eventually found himself alone in his room with a set timeline of one hour to find all the things to be grateful about. If not, he would not be able to watch his favorite cartoons and game time for the week. They even suggested that he “pray about it,” something that always seemed silly and generally only made him angrier.

Trey was very upset that things did not turn out to be anything close to what he wanted. As he sat on his bed, he decided that instead of thinking about all the things that he was grateful for, he would think about all the reasons that he should not have to obey his parents. After all, being eight years old, he was now old enough and big enough to take care of himself! He could make his own lunch, anyone can spread peanut butter on two pieces of bread and pour a glass of milk; he could dress himself, you simply take them off the hanger or out of the drawers and put them on. Nothing was all that complicated, in fact, life was very simple.

The more he thought about it, the more upset he got as more and more of those thoughts and reason rushed into his mind. He even started to think and believe he didn’t need his parents at all! That’s when he heard the “bump” in the closet! Had one of his toys fallen off the shelf? Maybe his jacket had fallen off the hanger?

When he slid open the door, he immediately jumped backwards in surprise! There in front of him was a tiny little man sitting on one of his closet shelves juggling two rocks! Trey watched as the little man juggled the two rocks, a white rock and a black rock, while he was hummed a tune.
“Hey there!” The little man sudden said with a smile and stopped his juggling.

At first, Trey was very scared at the sight before him, but the little man’s size and smile calmed him down enough, so instead of being scared, he tried to act brave.
“Who are you and how did you get in my closet?” Trey demanded of the little man.
“Magic!” he exclaimed, “In fact, I can go almost anywhere I want to,” he said in a matter of fact way. “All you need are these two rocks and the secret of how they work.”

Inside, Trey was frightened by the man and his words, but was somehow drawn to the two rocks that he held in his hands and the ‘magic’ that they possessed. Everything inside was telling him to yell for his parents but before he could, the little man started speaking again.
“Your look old enough to be an adventurer! How old are you, five, maybe six years old?” he asked.
“I’m eight!” Trey replied, upset that the little man did not recognize how old he was.
“Eight! Oh my, you may be too old! I’ll have to check the rules, wait a minute, there are no rules! I hate rules and people telling me what to do, don’t you?” The little man asked, and then continued as Trey nodded his head in agreement. “That is the magic of these two rocks; they can give you the freedom to do whatever you want. No more cleaning your room, picking up your toys, going to bed early, naps, brushing your teeth. Does it sound exciting?”
Trey’s previous feelings of fear were quickly being replaced with this newfound vision of freedom. Maybe he would ask just a few more questions before he called for his parents.
“How do they work?” He asked.
“You mean the rocks? Well, it’s quite simple actually. All you have to do is hold a rock in each hand and click them together. Then it’s off to some of the most wonderful places in the world. When you get tired of that place, just click the rocks together and off you go to the next!” The little man exclaimed and laughed mischievously.
“When do I return home?” Trey asked.
“Well that’s the magic of the rocks; you have so much fun you never need to! Are you ready to go?” He asked Trey urgently.
“So I can’t come back home?” He asked the little man.
“Come home! Come home! Why would you want to come home? Chores, cleaning, rules, sheesh! Look I’ve got to go, if you want to go as well, you need to tell me now,” he said and held out the rocks to Trey. Everything inside Trey was telling him that this was not a good idea and the distant thought of being away from his parents seemed sad, but the thought of missing this opportunity was very powerful as well.
“Okay, I guess I go without you! Have fun cleaning your room!” and the little man started to pull the rocks apart and bring them together.
“Wait!” Trey held up a hand fearing he may lose this rare chance at freedom. “Ok, Ok, I’ll go.” The little man held out the rocks for Trey to take.
“Just hold them in each hand, click them together and off you go,” the little man said as he put a rock in each of Trey’s hands.

Trey stood there looking at the two rocks and thinking of how much he wanted to first say goodbye to his dad, mom and sister, to at least tell them where he was going and how much he loved…
“HEY!” The little man yelled and startled Trey out of his thought! “Quick! They’re coming to take the rocks from you and make you do more chores! Click them! Hurry!”
Trey saw the door to his bedroom slowly starting to open and the little man yelled again.
“Now!” The idea of having his parents take away the rocks and his chance at freedom made him react in the only way he knew how, he brought the rocks together and heard the click. The last thing he saw was not his parents, but his sister’s frightened face and her long blonde hair being blown around her head as Trey was whisked from the room.


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